Clinton in constant pain, must squeeze gelatinous ball

iStockphoto.comClinton is a tough woman not just mentally, but physically. Due to her fractured elbow -- which is being held together with wires and pins -- she is in nonstop pain, reports the New York Times. She is in intense physical therapy five times daily. Part of the treatment includes squeezing a gelatinous ball over and over again.

Watching her major speech yesterday, you never would have known it. During the question-and-answer session she was freely gesturing with her right arm. (And, yes, she probably declined the painkillers that Rush Limbaugh sent over.)

Well, now we know how she might be passing some of her time on her long flight to India tonight (besides reading stacks of fat policy memos).

On top of it all, she could be facing jet lag from the 9.5-hour time difference.

Photo: iStockphoto