How not to write about sexism and Hillary Clinton

Bonnie Erbe writes a blog over at U.S News & World Report and, judging by her ongoing Clinton coverage, she's a pretty big fan of Hillary Clinton.

That doesn't, however, lead to the most timely or persuasive writing. A case in point is today's post, "The Treatment of Hillary Clinton Shows Sexism Pervades Society." One assumes that a piece with a title like that and published the day after Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing would be about the sexism she faced at the hearing. Unfortunately for Erbe, Clinton didn't exactly face rampant sexism and, instead, emerged triumphant and well on her path to confirmation.

So, instead, the piece is just a re-hash of the primary's Oppression Olympics, in which white men are castigated for being less racist than sexist (I'm sure some inadequate black males might disagree) and women who don't toe the political line (by which I assume Erbe means, "didn't vote for Hillary in the primary") are to blame for perpetuating sexism -- which, again, is more pervasive than racism in this country.

I mean, I'm all for being obsessed with Hillary, obviously, but it seems like some deep breaths -- and some new examples -- are in order here. 


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