47 questions for Hillary

Over at FP's Shadow Government blog, members of the loyal opposition have put together a great list of questions they hope to hear tomorrow. A few standouts:

10. Does Russia belong in the G-8?

12. Is Darfur a genocide? Will the Obama administration send U.S. troops to Darfur?

22. Can you name three or four prominent foreign policies of the Bush administration that you think were wise and that you will seek to continue under President Obama's tenure?

33. It has been over seven years since the 9/11 attacks. The United States has launched a "global war on terror" and initiated a number of policies and programs around the world. How do you assess the U.S. response seven years on? What have been the major accomplishments? What have been the major shortcomings?

44. We have an explosive situation on our southern border. Mexico's economy is starting to falter, while the government is facing a major drug-driven insurrection. What initiatives would you recommend vis-à-vis Mexico?

46. Would you talk to Hamas? To Hezbollah? To Iran?